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Barbells Wholesale

As a professional barbell wholesaler, Shuaicool offers powerlifting bars, weightlifting bars and deadlift bars with wide variety of coatings, such as stainless steel barbell, zinc barbell and etc.. We also offer Custom Barbells wholesale for special requirements.  Contact us with any specific barbells related questions.


Customized Barbells Wholesale

Standard Barbells

We recommend them for beginners or non-advanced weight lifters. You can use them with standard weight plates, which have a 1" diameter hole. Standard weight plates range from 0.5-25kg, and standard barbells maximum weight is about 120kg.

Olympic Barbells

We recommend this one for intermediate or advanced weight lifters, as they are stronger than standard bars. Please take note, Olympic bar is to be used with Olympic weight plates (2 inch hole). Olympic weight plates range from 1.25-50kg, and Olympic bars maximum weight closes to 750kg.




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